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Alpha-Phonics the Book

on CD-Rom or Flash Drive

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You use the CD-Rom to teach just like the Alpha-Phonics book.
Some parent / teacher participation is required.

Here's how the CD-Rom and Flash Drive work:

Samuel L. Blumenfeld's celebrated phonics reading instruction book is now available on CD or flash drive. The new CD combines every element of Sam's great book with the wonders of the computer. Includes spoken and printed instructions.


The book, used by tens of thousands for over 31 years, is now faithfully reproduced on CD or flash drive. And the CD or flash drive, just like the book, is SIMPLE! No frills, no-nonsense!


Now the Alpha-Phonics program, Sam's easy to follow written instructions, plus Sam's own spoken instructions are available together on computer for the first time ever.


Thousands have told Sam over the years that his systematic intensive phonics reading program is SIMPLE and very easy to teach and very easy for the student to follow/learn. They also say: "IT WORKS!"


Not only is Alpha-Phonics one of the easiest, least expensive phonics programs to use to teach reading, but it automatically teaches SPELLING as you go through its easy-to-teach lessons. There are over 3,500 words introduced in Alpha-Phonics! And now on CD-ROM or flash drive!
The CD displays all 128 lessons of Alpha-Phonics exactly as they appear in this highly successful book.
The CD or flash drive is extremely easy to use: It has "Autostart" which allows it to open right to the lessons by just popping it in your CD drive or USB port.
Then the pages of Alpha-Phonics almost magically come alive on your computer screen. See - hear - teach - learn!!!
Includes informative "tips for use" which make this easy to use system even easier.


Alpha-Phonics The Book on CD ROM or flash drive is simpler than many other computer based programs. One big reason is because it requires NO KEYBOARD work for the student. The student uses only the Mouse!
This is best for little beginners who can not type yet and who should not start by forming "hunt & peck" habits which will be hard to break later when touch typing is to be learned.

ISBN # 9780941995320

ISBN 978041995412

ISBN # 0-941995-18-6

Alpha-Phonics The Book on CD-ROM or flash drive lets the parent/teacher and the student see and hear the instructions at the same time. Then, with a click of the Mouse the student sees the lesson in extra large type without any instructions or other clutter to distract him or her.

Alpha-Phonics The Book on CD-ROM or flash drive ...................... Here's how simple it is:

Simply turn on computer and pop the Alpha-Phonics CD in your CD drive or USB port. Click "Open." Click "Contents." Click "Click here to begin A Lesson." Click lesson number you wish.

In one CD-Rom for $9.00

Or one flash drive for $9.00


The Teacher / Student Screen


The Student's Screen

Allows you to go directly to any lesson in the program. Note the menu bar on the left: You can select Read or Hear Instructions or both together! Printed instructions will appear in upper left area of screen.

Note this screen is in much larger size type which makes is easier for little beginners. You simply click on the text to return to the Teacher/Student screen.

The various screens utilize colors to distinguish certain sounds and letters to be emphasized. As in the book, the CD and flash drive introduce all 44 sounds which comprise the entire English language. Author Blumenfeld gives numerous practical suggestions which reinforce the teaching. Alpha-Phonics The Book on CD-ROM and flash drive include Sam's very helpful pre-reading exercises to help the beginners. He also includes a section introducing cursive handwriting.

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Test the Program before you buy

The actual CD, of course, activates immediately.

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Hardware and Software requirements for the CD-Rom:

Windows 95 or Newer. To open the CD in Vista - click here
  • Pentium 75 processor or higher
  • 8mb ram, cd-rom drive
  • SVGA monitor set to 256 colors - the higher the better.
  • sound card

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Includes Samuel Blumenfeld and Alpha-Phonics.