McGuffey's Readers - 1879

Soft Cover (paper back)

8 books

Now for the first time available in paperback for much less than the cost of hardbound set. Large size page (8 1/2 X 11) with large size type - Easy to read. From the original 1836 version of the fabled reading instruction which for 3/4 century were used by 80% of all American school children. Some 120 million set sold. No other book ever had so much influence over so many children over such a long period. William H. McGuffy is considered the author of The Primer and first four Readers. His younger brother, Alexander, is considered the author of the Fifth and Sixth Readers. This set is marked "Revised" and bears the copyright 1879.

The Primer (64 pgs.) McGuffey's educational course begins by presenting the letters of the alphabet to be memorized, in sequence. children are then taught, step by step1 to use the building blocks of their language to form and pronounce words. Each lesson begins with a study of words used in the reading exercise - the words presented with markings to show correct pronunciation and syllabification. Cursive handwriting is introduced with simple sentences.

The First (96 pgs.) and Second (160 pgs.) Readers picture children in their relationship with family, teacher, friends, and animals.

Articulation and Punctuation are introduced. The Third Reader (208 pgs.) expands this world. Art of Emphasis introduced. Dictionary definitions introduced in `bird Reader (also in Fourth Reader).

The Fourth Reader (256 pgs.) begins with 1. Punctuation Marks, 2. Articulation, 3. Accent and Inflection. Next come 90 selections written by a wide variety of authors from Daniel De Foe to Louisa M. Alcott.

The Fifth Reader (352 pgs.) begins with 1. Articulation, 2. Inflection, 3. Accent, 4. Emphasis, 5. Modulation, 6. Poetic Pauses. Next come 117 writings also by a wide range of sources: The Bible, Dickens, Lowell, Cooper, to name a few. Continues dictionary definitions of words. Also special notes on geography, history. Up to now it has been how to read; The Fifth Reader turns the student to what to read.

The Sixth Reader (463 pgs.) begins with 1. Articulation, 2. Inflection, 3. Accent and Emphasis, 4. Instructions for Reading Verse, 5. The Voice, 6. Gesture. This is followed by 138 selections from authors like Longfellow, Tennyson, Blackstone, Poe, Byron, Shakespeare, Jefferson, Bacon, Scott, Disraeli; samplings of the world's greatest literature. Provides biographical material about each author at beginning of each reading.

McGuffey's Spelling Book (144 pgs.) is divided into 248 lessons. It is really a phonics instruction book as well, though not word family oriented as is Sam Blumenfeld's Alpha-Phonics. McGuffey's Speller has great spelling lists and is an ideal tool to use along with a phonics instruction program like Alpha-Phonics.

There is a total of 1743 pgs. in all eight books of this McGuffey series. Everything you need. It's easy. Anyone can teach reading to anybody with this marvelous series. Educators of the McGuffey era provided the most wholesome fare available. Material in the readers is taken from the writings which extol, explain, and illustrates such virtues as honesty, charity, thrift, hard work, courage, patriotism, reverence toward God, and respect for parents. McGuffey's teaching technique and the quality of reading material used are superlative, appropriate for any era - desperately needed in our own era.

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