HTT Extra Large Type Student Lesson Book

Spiral bound for easy use

Now the student can have his/her own Lesson Book to open flat before him/her to easily follow the lesson being taught. At the same time the teacher has both instruction and Student Lesson in front of her to facilitate teaching the student. Student having own Lesson Book overcomes the problem of teacher "looking over his shoulder" which can make the student uncomfortable. 175 pages Price: $24.95


This Large Type Student Lesson Book,
when used with the How To Tutor textbook,
shows the parent/teacher how to teach
the child phonics reading in a very simple way.









The New Student Lesson Book:


Shown: Lesson 1, 2 & 3
of Student Lesson Book
in extra large type.

Makes it easy for student
to follow and learn.


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Includes Samuel Blumenfeld and Alpha-Phonics.