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By: Peter Watt

You do not need a separate spelling program when you use Alpha-Phonics.

Alpha-phonics contains over 3,500 new words. Upon successfully completing Alpha-phonics your student is well on his/her way to being a good speller.

Parents who have taught reading with Alpha-Phonics say that their students have almost automatically become good spellers.

Dictation practice is the key. Dictation practice is recommended throughout Alpha-Phonics as you teach reading. Dictation, both oral and written, automatically teaches spelling at the same time. And dictation helps reinforce learning the phonics sounds you are teaching.

You simply, after each lesson, take a few minutes to have your student spell the words in the lesson out loud. You simply say the word and have your student spell the word out loud to you. Then you also say the words and have your student write the words on paper. Of course, correct him/her when errors are made.

This exercise, while only taking a few minutes with each lesson, covers spelling as you go. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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