Normally an Autorun program would automatically start the Alpha-Phonics Book on CD program. However, if you are running Vista as your operation system, the phonics program needs to be opened differently in most cases. *Scroll down for windows XP.

1) When the CD is placed in the CD drive, a window on the desktop will open - see A
Click on "Open folder to view files"
2) Another window will open - see B (view may vary depending on your computer settings)
3) In this new window (B) scroll down until you see the word and/or icon "phonics" - see C
Doulbe click on "the icon or the word phonics" to open the program

Another Option to open Alpha-Phonics Book on CD in Vista

1) click "Start Button" (lower left)
2) click "All Programs"
3) click "Accessories"
4) click "Run"
5) click "Browse"
6) click the drive that the CD is located (D or E in most cases)
7) click "phonics" (window on the right)

On rare occassions (2 in the last 3 years) Windows XP operating system as either posted an error or failed to autostart the Alpha-Phonics book on CD. There was nothing wrong with the CD. There is a simple work-around explained in the following short video on the remote chance that your computer fails to activate the Alpha-Phonics program.